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The Amity Affliction - The Weigh Down 

Woman who ‘died’ from cancer is heard screaming from inside coffin after being buried alive
Cemetery workers raced to a newly-dug grave after they heard banging and muffled shouting an hour after a 45-year-old woman was buried.
As they grabbed tools and anything they could find, they rushed to dig the grave up again after the woman woke up to find herself buried alive in a coffin.
But tragically, the un-named woman died before her would-be rescuers could reach her inside the plot at a cemetery near Greece’s Thessaloniki.
Shortly after the last relatives left the cemetery on Thursday, residents and a group of children playing outside reportedly heard a female voice shouting for help from inside the grave.
They called the police, and cemetery workers began digging up the grave to save her but she had suffocated to death, it was reported.
However, a doctor who was at the scene and examined the woman’s body, said she had been dead for hours and could not have been revived.
"It would have been impossible for someone in a state of rigor mortis to have been shouting and hitting the coffin like that.”
A coroner is expected to examine the body. (Article)

Magician sneezes head off prank (Video)(Compilation of Horror Pranks)

For your pleasure, some of my all time favourite short films.


Compiled here are some of my favourite shorts, all of them horror, suspense, or psychologically upsetting in some way - while some are even beautiful.

Please enjoy.




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Woman accidentally breaks smiling garden gnome and finds hidden limbless figurine melded inside of it.

Bury the gnome. Dig a deep hole and put the gnome in the hole.

incinerate the gnome. turn the gnome to ash and launch the ash into the fucking sun


Chinese farmer Hao Xianzhang has perfected the process of growing pears inside Buddha shaped plastic molds.


It’s almost Halloween and I know a lot of you kids out there must be wondering where pumpkins come from, well there you go.
Once they are born, we take them away from their mothers, throw them in a field and sell them. 

CREEPY TINY TALES, by reddit user IPostAtMidnight
She usually enjoyed unfurling a fresh sheet over her bed, swishing it out like they do in those detergent commercials. Tonight, however, as the sheet settled down onto the empty mattress, it outlined the contours of a body.
Then it sat up.
Little Emily vanished last year. Now they’re pouring new sidewalks in my neighborhood, and I’ve found her name in the wet cement, written in remembrance. But it was written in reverse. And from below.
Cold as Hell
After centuries spent crawling through an endless desert, the Devil appeared and offered the man a glass of cold water. Though suspicious, he savored every drop, and afterwards he looked up gratefully.
“Why this kindness?” he asked the Devil through cracked, scabbed-over lips.
The Devil smiled and patted him on the head.
“Because you had forgotten kindness existed.”
Then he was alone again, and the moisture remaining in his mouth turned to sand.
(Link to story, there are more tiny tales here) (Compilation of Creepy Short Stories)(Compilation of Creepy Short Stories Part 2)


September 30th


October 1st



If you want to be skinny, that’s fine. If you want to be curvy that’s fine. If you want to be tall, that’s fine. If you want to be short, that’s fine. But don’t start insulting different body shapes and sizes just because it isn’t want you would want for yourself.